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02-14-2013 Hello and welcome to My Family's Heart Genealogy please bare with me as this site is going to begin going through some major changes. I am back in the game and am going to start working on a whole new look, updating the content, adding more great stuff as I go through everything my mother and I had collected over the 10 years that we did genealogy together and the 15 years that she worked on it. Pictures, birth certificates, death certificates, stories, letters and so much more.


I dedicate this genealogy website to my loving mother Ruth Ann (nee McGinnis) Gauthier; her mother Naomi Ruth (nee Fleenor) McGinnis and father Clarence McGinnis; my dads grandfather Frank Patterson and grandmother Arminta (nee Ledrick) Patterson and his father Angus John Gauthier, Sr and wife Ruth Idona (nee Patterson) Gauthier. They were all very loving parents and grandparents who now watch us from Heaven!! Love always your daughter & grand-daughter - Tonya!!

To view the memorial on line dedicated to my mother click here - MAKING EVERLASTING MEMORIES Feel free to sign the guest book.

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Coat of Arms for our following lines, if you happen to have one  that we could post on our site please email me at Thank you so very much for your help. Chriss; Earlywine; Fleenor; Hook; King; Madlung; Merpeau; Longbrake; Ludrick; Luther; Tetreault & Trout. We are not sure if all of these surnames even have a Coat of Arms. If you have any knowledge on this topic, please contact us. Thank You!!!

"In God We Trust"

Ruth Ann (nee McGinnis) Gauthier:  

My mother was born in Port Huron, Michigan, (daughter of Clarence McGinnis & Naomi Ruth Fleenor), where she lived the first 20 years of her life in the same home. She met & married my father, a  military man, Angus John Gauthier Jr. on 2 July 1965 in their hometown of Port Huron. When they met they found out they had grown up a few blocks from each other, going to the same school. During my fathers career in the U.S. Coast Guard they raised two daughters & traveled to several states, including Illinois, Indiana & New York, never realizing they were living in the same areas many of our ancestors had. It wasn't until the early 1980's after moving to Florida that my mother was bitten by the genealogy bug, as this was when she was introduced to her ancestors through the excitement, interest, & years of research her cousin, Karen L. Rose of Florida, & cousin Larry R. Fleenor of Indiana had already accomplished. The one surname that seems to have captured my mothers the most in the last few years she worked on genealogy was the FLEENOR line, having met many wonderful researchers along the way, as well as adding close to 17,000 names to our file

Tonya Rena Gauthier (Married name was Kellum)  

I was born in Port Huron, Michigan. (daughter of John Gauthier Jr. & Ruth Ann McGinnis). I graduated high school at Zephyrhills High School in Zephyrhills, Florida. Joined the US Army in 1986 as a 91B (Medical Specialist) & served 8 years. Half of my service was at Monteith Barracks in Fuerth, located just outside beautiful Nuremberg, Germany a country where many of our ancestors once lived. The other half of my service was in Washington state at Fort Lewis. One year for Christmas my mother gave my sister Danita & I a binder with our family tree, just our direct lines, nothing fancy, some pictures &  documents. It didn't interest me then. My love for genealogy started in 1996. My mother knew nothing about the internet and I got online & found so much stuff, she was overwhelmed. That's when we decided to make it easy for other researchers looking for the same ancestors & started a website in 1998. Since then our site has grown beyond belief. The surname that I have dedicated most of my time to is our MCGINNIS line now nearing 1000 names.

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Thank you to all our visitors since 1998.

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